GEOSPATIAL, Security & Entertainment Consulting

Technology at the right price


A Sampling of the projects handled by us


  • Aerial Photography & LiDAR surveys
  • Large and Small scale mapping in urban and rural environments. 
  • ​3D building modeling and texturing at LOD 2 and LOD 3 level of detail.
  • Building modeling using High Resolution Satellite Imagery. 
  • ​Volumetric calculations for mines using Airborne LiDAR​.
  • Carbon calculations and tree counts for forestry and environmental departments.
  • Orthophoto production using Aerial and Satellite imagery.
  • Mobile LiDAR processing and utility feature extraction along roads.
  • ​Building modeling using Terrestrial LiDAR sensors.

Custom Entertainment solutions

  • Design and installation of custom Home Theater systems for a number of residential clients.
  • Design and installation of 3D projection systems with surround sound and custom lighting.
  • Design and installation of Gaming rigs consisting of high end graphics, multiple monitors , water cooling and lighting. 
  • Helped Clients design and create custom network solutions to integrate all their devices.
  • Rooted/ Hacked gaming consoles and smart devices so our clients truly own their gadgets.

Corporate Services

  • Design and installation of an audio system for a store.
  • Installed monitoring stations and CCTV security cameras for a MNC in Bangalore.
  • Designed, procured, and installed hardware, electrical wiring, networking and furniture for a new office being setup in a Government premises.

Security, Surveillance & Self defense

  • Installation of intrusion alarm systems for residential and corporate clients.
  • Installation of fixed CCTV security cameras for residential and corporate clients.
  • Installation of PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and monitoring stations.
  • A number of Guardian Angel® self defense tools sold.
  • ​A number of self defense Tasers and Batons sold.