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Our Process

Our mission is to be your friendly, knowledgeable, one stop shop for all your needs.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and communications. We ensure that you are fully involved in all aspects of the project with regular updates.

We bring our Project Management expertise to the table to ensure that your project is handled with a high level of professionalism, and transparency.


Once you contact us, our consultants will meet with you to discuss your requirement, and to understand what exactly you desire from the end product. We will talk about your time constraints and your budget to ensure that we can provide you with the best options. The person you meet is your contact at weRwired forever!


We have an in-house meeting with ALL our members, who will review your requirements and propose solutions. Based on this we identify a specific outsource partner from our list of partners, a specific product from the multitude available in the market today, or in the case of security, a specific consultant with the desired expertise. 

We come up with a project plan, and a pricing model. This quotation is then shared with you for your input, modified if needed, and then signed off.


Once we have your go-ahead, your consultant takes control of the project. If Geospatial, the consultant will be based at the premises of the outsource partner to manage the project from end to end. If Security or Entertainment, your consultant will be available to you throughout the tenure of the project until delivery. We do not delegate any tasks without ensuring that we have full control.


Since we monitor all our projects closely, we are able to provide our clients with daily or weekly updates, as desired. With this close monitoring, we identify bottlenecks, and possible complications which enables us to modify our strategies accordingly.