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About Us

weRwired is a young and dynamic consultancy for Geospatial, Surveillance and Entertainment services. Established in 2013, we are managed by a group of highly trained specialists with multidisciplinary skills and experience. Working under the weRwired umbrella, each of our specialists handles his/ her specific branch of our services.

Our aim is to deliver world class management of your project from Start to Finish, ensuring you timely deliveries and a high quality result. Our group has long standing relationships with firms worldwide, and we provide outsourced services through them. We will find you the best outsource partner for your needs, monitor the progress of your project on a daily basis and finally, carry out an intensive QA of the product before delivering it to you.  All our work is executed under the guidance of highly experienced professionals. Our project managers monitor all projects using a combination of Agile methodologies and PERT based models to ensure scope, time, quality and budget requirements are met, or even exceeded.


Our two Geospatial Project Managers have decades of experience between them. They have been based at various locations globally and have handled projects ranging from small scale projects worth thousands of dollars, to large scale projects that run into the millions.

Security and Surveillance

With the guidance of ex-military and police officers, our Surveillance and Security consultants have worked to setup Remote Monitoring, Electronic Surveillance, Perimeter and Access controls.


Our Audio/ Video expert has a number of years of experience in audio and visual technologies. His expertise has been developed over years of research and experimenting with his own home entertainment solutions. His latest project was setting up a complete 3D movie theater experience for a client. This included working with the client to identify a 3D projection system, AV receiver and speakers, putting it all together with the client's gaming consoles, and soundproofing of the venue.

Computers and Networking

Our IT consultant has worked with our clients to design and build gorgeous spaces free from electronic clutter and ensure that the plans are suitable to support future modifications and technology. With the cost of computing at a premium today, he also takes on any hardware assembly, repair or recovery requirements of our clients.